Terms of Use - Chennaiplaza.com

Please spare few minutes to read our Terms of Use before you proceed to place any order for purchase of any article or commodity through Chennaiplaza.com. Once a customer places an order with us, it shall be implied that He/She has read all the terms and conditions and are in full agreement with the same. We also request the customer to go through refund policies carefully and be aware of them. Also we strongly urge to print a copy of the below mentioned terms and conditions for any future reference.


1. Every possible care shall be taken to deliver the Product ordered through us in perfect condition. But, Chennaiplaza.com will not be held responsible for any delay, damage in transit, or otherwise due to the courier company.

2. Chennaiplaza.com is not connected with any other site on the Internet. In case of any query with respect to the site you can address your mails to queries@chennaiplaza.com.

3. We shall begin processing the order immediately once you place the order successfully with us. Please allow a week's time for secured and proper delivery. Moreover few products have different delivery periods depending on their nature, which will be mentioned prominently in their category level description. So, the Customers are requested to consider this fact before placing the order.

4. Damages or replacements, if any shall be given to the customer only after investigating that the item had genuine manufacturing defect. If the item is damaged by the recipient, then no replacement or refund of order value will be made in any manner. As every item is thoroughly verified before it is despatched or delivered to the recipient.

5. Due to inherent limitation of the electronic media there may be certain difference in color, attributes or specifications of the article seen on the computer and in reality. Chennaiplaza.com shall not be held responsible for it and it shall by no means take back or replace the goods dispatched once and no refund shall be made for a valid and complete order.

6. Every care shall be taken to deliver the goods to the intended recipient. But Chennaiplaza.com shall not be held responsible for any wrong delivery of the product based on the address given by the customer or if any person imposes to be the actual recipient and takes delivery of goods.

7. All the products listed on this site are without any express or implied warranty. Once the customer receives the product from the courier company and acknowledges it, it shall be treated as good delivery and on no grounds it shall be returned as bad delivery.

8. Once an order is processed and delivered the goods will not be taken back or replaced unless there is a genuine manufacturing defect. If the product is to be returned for disliking or any other reason then it has to be done immediately with out unpacking the product completely or using it in any manner. If the product returned is found to have been used, then the customer will not be given any refund. On return the refund will be the total order value less 10% of it. Shipping charges paid, if any shall not be refunded. The cost of reshipping the item(s) to us shall be borne by the sender.

9. All the care shall be taken to deliver exactly the same product shown on the website. But, In certain extreme circumstances beyond control, Chennaiplaza.com reserves the right to deliver the next most equivalent product and the customer in such an event will be informed the underlying reason. The same shall be accepted by them and on no ground shall return or reject the delivery because no refund of money will be done in such situations. We shall not be liable for any other charges, loss of profits, emotional stress or any other liability etc caused due to such non-availability of the product or delayed delivery in such circumstances.

10. Chennaiplaza.com reserves the right to process or decline any transaction at it's discretion and choice. It may be due to any genuine data entry error at our end or any reasons found to be abnormal in the order received. The same shall be accepted by the customers and on no ground they shall dispute over such cancellation or rejection of the order. Such cancellation shall be duly communicated to the customer. We shall not be liable for any charges, loss of profits, emotional stress or any other liability etc caused due to such cancellation of the order in such circumstances.

11. We will try to deliver every order as on the requested date of delivery. But in case of any delayed or advance delivery due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances like bandh, curfew, riots, uninformed government holiday, etc. shall not entitle Chennaiplaza.com responsible for any kind of liability and no customer shall dispute on this matter once any of these reasons is communicated to them.

12. In case of the Post@India facility, chennaiplaza.com shall not be responsible for any difference in the idea conveyed due to inherent limitation of language translation.

13. All the food items that are ordered through chennaiplaza.com are verified for hygiene before delivery. But if the buyer or the recipient of the order faces any kind of health disorders on consumption of such products we shall not be liable for such disorder in any manner. No sweets should be refrigerated and should be consumed with in 24 hours of receipt. If these conditions are violated, we shall not be responsible for any eventuality arising due to such violations.

14. If any disputes related to our services arise then the same will be subject to the jurisdiction of Chennai (India) Courts only.

15. Our sources of procurement are from most reputed dealers for all the respective products but still each manufacturer holds the sole responsibility for the quality and performance of it's respective product(s) and we do not provide any additional guarantee for performance of the product in whatsoever manner. We shall duly forward any kind of guarantee if provided by the supplier to the actual recipient.

16. If the Scheduled date falls on a Government holiday, Sunday, etc. items shall be delivered if possible a day in advance where the order is received much before the date of delivery. If the order is received with very little time for processing then the delivery will be done on the next working day after the holiday.

17. Chennaiplaza.com shall not be responsible for delayed delivery, non delivery due to wrong shipping address entered by the customer or recipient rejects to take the delivery, in such circumstance no refund of money shall be given in whatsoever manner.

18. Once a valid order is placed with us, it can be cancelled within 6 hours of placing the order with out deduction for processing charge. A mail has to be immediately sent to sales@chennaiplaza.com for cancellation of order with the invoice number. Cancellation after this period will be done only on deduction of 10% of the total order value and no dispute should be raised over this deduction and should be agreed by the customer.

19. Chennaiplaza's pricing policy is most competitive and agressive on the internet compared to any other website. But we do not have any benchmarking with any other website who may be selling similar products at more or less compared to our selling price. This difference is purely attributable to each website's discretion and their costing pattern.

20. Products are priced in comprehensive manner including cost of the items, applicable taxes, door-step delivery charges, credit card commission wherever applicable. In some cases the cost of product displayed may be more than the maximum retail price too, because of the above mentioned additional charges. Hence customers are requested to consider our facility and service provided over the internet with this perspective.